the thumbnail of your explainer video is one of the most important elements to make it successful. It has to be luring enough to get customer’s click on it. In the article below, we have compiled seven amazing tips that you can use to make the most out of your animation video.

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An animated explainer video is an amazing way to attract customers and promote your products and services. In recent years, video animation production has emerged as an effective way of marketing. It has great potential to direct your customer base to desired actions. Moreover, the explainer video should be short but engaging.

However, the thumbnail of your explainer video is one of the most important elements to make it successful. It has to be luring enough to get customer’s click on it. I mean, what is the point of creating engaging and quality content if the video does not get the viewer’s click?

Why Is An Attractive Thumbnail Important For Animated Explainer Video?

These days, businesses heavily rely on animated explainer videos to introduce products and services to their customers and to convert viewers into potential customers. A high-quality content video with the perfect thumbnail can make the video go viral. Also, an enticing video thumbnail aims to make customers watch the video and provide valuable information via video.

The role of a video thumbnail can be understood as a book cover, which tells what is in the book while inducing the customer to buy the book. A recent survey by YouTube affirms that around 90% of the most popular videos on the world’s most popular video platform have unique thumbnails. Hence, top video animation services providers choose a perfect video thumbnail in animated videos to create the maximum impact.

In the article below, we have compiled seven amazing tips that you can use to make the most out of your animation video:

Top 7 Tips To Create Luring Video Thumbnails

To promote your brand effectively, you should create a high-quality video with an engaging thumbnail to make the maximum impact. Here are the seven tips below to make your thumbnail top-notch:

1. Don’t Overstuff!

A video thumbnail is a static and singular image, so marketers should avoid adding unnecessary and irrelevant information. Instead, include only the clear-cut, necessary, and concise information in your thumbnail. Otherwise, the viewer will not click on your video, and efforts to make it will go in vain.

You can add an attention-grabbing title and some text to make your title attractive and create the best first impression for your audience. Hence, make the thumbnail brief and to the point so that viewer picks out your video among a flood of videos.

2. Make a Thumbnail Yourself Instead of Auto-Select

You have the freedom to choose a thumbnail of your own when uploading a video. If you do not choose a thumbnail, a video host like YouTube will choose a thumbnail from the video itself. You are the one who knows your video and its content better than anyone, so you will definitely not want the host to choose a thumbnail for you. It is the best practice to create an engaging thumbnail for your video and avoid the auto-select feature.

3. Try to Engage with Emotions and Appealing Faces

Emotions have been used in marketing for so long to attract customers and convince them to perform the desired actions. The same theory can be used with video thumbnails to grab customers’ attention. The statistics show a high open rate when thumbnails have emotions and appealing faces. The emotions give a better sense of understanding to viewers about the content of the video.

4. Incorporating Animation in Thumbnail Can Do Wonders

Adding animation in video thumbnails is quite difficult, but it is extremely effective. Although static images look uniform and candid, they are dull. However, including some motion in your thumbnail can grab the viewer’s attention. Thanks to the advancements in video animation tools, you can now use motion graphics to attract the masses.

5. Keep Multiple Options For Video Thumbnails

Make several video thumbnails and test them to see which works best. It is great if you have multiple thumbnail ideas in your mind. Take advantage of A/B testing and analyze the results to see which thumbnail brings the most number of views and add it permanently.

6. The Headline Should Be Catchy and Precise

As mentioned above, the more clear and concise your thumbnail is, the higher the number of views will be. So, keep informative and catchy content, specifically the headline in your thumbnail. Moreover, keep an element of mystery in your thumbnail; the viewer clicks on the video to find the answer to the mystery. Brainstorm to generate ideas for your thumbnail!

7. Own The Thumbnail With Brand Endorsement

Endorsing the thumbnail with a logo or some other brand element can drive many benefits to the brand, such as an increased audience’s trust and top-of-the-mind awareness. Furthermore, it serves as proof of your legitimacy to your audience.

Once you have built trust with consistent brand endorsement, the customer will recognize that the video is yours with new posts.

Ending Notes

The importance of a video thumbnail for the success of any video and marketing as a whole can not be ignored. The article above discusses some important tips to make your thumbnail that you can utilize to create a high-performing animated explainer video, or you can hire a video animation agency to get this job done for you. Videos are one of the most important ways of marketing and branding these days. A single video can do wonders for your brand if it goes viral!