With the help of your video animation character, you can distinguish your brand personality from others. Also, it gives your brand a unique identity which helps in impressing your customers and creates a brand positioning in your customer’s minds.

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You are reading this blog which means you have finally decided to make your own cartoon character and star it in an animated video. If you doubt yourself, be aware of the fact that it is not as difficult as it looks. Video animation production is super easy; anybody can do it with easy-to-use animation software. But if you want perfection, you can hire a video animation agency to get it done.

With the help of your video animation character, you can distinguish your brand personality from others. Also, it gives your brand a unique identity which helps in impressing your customers and creates a brand positioning in your customer’s minds.

Why You Should Make A Cartoon Character Video

Animated cartoon character videos bring a lot of quality leads for brands, drive engagement, and render a better user experience.

When you feature yourself in an animated character video, it increases the chances of conversions and strengthens your relationship with the customers.

Moreover, animated brand characters can help you get a significant place on YouTube and modern browsers.

How To Make Your Own Cartoon Character Video? A Step-By-Step Guide

A typical video animation services provider uses the following steps. You can also follow them to create your own animated cartoon character video.

Step 1: Decide Which Animation Type You Want

In the very first step of your cartoon character video, you should choose the desired animation type. You can choose from 2D animation, 3D animation, or whiteboard animation. It would be best if you use an animation style that creates the maximum impact on your audience.

2D and 3D animation consist of two-dimensional and three-dimensional frameworks to create cartoon characters. In contrast, whiteboard animation uses a pointer or black pen to create the entire cartoon character. However, you should use 3D animation if you want your cartoon character to look real, from shades to figure and every curve.

Step 2: Select A Suitable Animation Maker Software

In this step, you choose an easy-to-use software to create your animated cartoon character video. Thanks to the evolution of technology in recent years, the internet is flooded with modern and easy animation tools and software. You can download and install software that matches your requirements and is easy to use.

Step 3: Create a Script

Script time! Once you know the resources and tools you will use to make your first cartoon character video; Now it’s time to compose a script for your video. The script is the backbone of an animated video; it can either make you viral or be just another video on the internet. Hence, make sure to compose an engaging but short script for the video.

Step 4: Don’t Start From Scratch

Choose a ready-to-use template for your video rather than making it from scratch. Look for online galleries of video animation services, and you can find easy-to-use templates. Moreover, you can look for niche-related templates that can later be changed and improved. It saves you a lot of energy and time.

Step 5: Create a Cartoon Character

This is a crucial step, where you must make a cartoon character that resembles your brand. You can select a pre-made character from the online gallery and use icons, images, and other elements to make it look like your own character.

This character is the face of your brand. So, make sure to make it creatively with the help of a hairdo, hair color, facial features, eyes, and other attributes. This cartoon character should help you to connect with your customers more efficiently.

Step 6: Add Supportive Elements

If you are going with a template design for your video animation production, you should add some supportive elements to make it look more creative and personalized. It also improves the tone of your video. Elements such as rainbow, bubbles, and animated figures are some examples you may consider. Moreover, elements jumping or flying in the background would be nice if you want a cheerful or humorous tone.

Also, flying arrows are used to point out an important point for the customer. Finally, the elements you use in the video should look professional and go with your brand.

Step 7: Include a Voiceover / Music

It is an important part of your animation video. The best approach is to add your own voice to the video; however, you may hire a freelance voiceover artist to get it done. Voiceover grabs your customer’s attention and compels them to accomplish the desired action.

Music can provide the same benefits to you if used with the right choice. The music or even voiceover should go with the tone of your brand. There has to be consistency and integration in all elements.

Step 8: Analysis & Finalization Of The Video

By now, you should have completed making your first animation video. This step will review the video thoroughly and look for any loopholes. The important points that should be checked in the analysis may include the synchronization of voiceover/music with the appearance of each text or element, the time each frame takes to show up with the text alignment, and checking how your character appears. Analyze everything and make changes if necessary.


The guide above proves that anybody can create a cartoon character animation video and that you don’t need a professional video animation agency to do this job for you. From choosing software to selecting a character template to design it according to your brand, cartoon character video animation is not a very difficult job. Following this article, you can make your first cartoon character animated video today!